1. Customer hereby relieves, releases and forever discharges and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Beach Bike Rentals & the Gulf State Park, its servants, agents and employees from any and all claims and demands of any and every kind and character for injury to his person or damage to his property, as a result of any accident in which he may become involved at any time hereafter while riding, using or operating the bicycle and for injury or damage to the person or property of any other person or persons inflicted or claims to have been caused by him at any time while riding, using or operating the bicycle.
  2. Customer acknowledges that he/she has personally inspected the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment as to mechanical condition, tires and operations before acceptance and has found it to be in good condition.
  3. Customer shall not misuse or abuse the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment and shall return the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment to Beach Bike Rentals in the same condition as when received, normal wear accepted. Customer shall return the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment at the location and no later than the time specified above. I FURTHER AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REPLACEMENT, AT FULL REPLACEMENT COST, of any equipment I receive, but do not return upon request, EVEN IF IT IS LOST OR STOLEN. IN ADDITION, I AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REPLACEMENT, AT FULL REPLACEMENT COST, OF ANY EQUIPMENT DAMAGED while the bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment are in my possession. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE DEALER IS THE SOLE JUDGE OF WHAT CONSTITUTES “DAMAGE” IN THIS REGARD.
  4. Customer shall immediately notify Beach Bike Rentals of any accident involving or damage to the Bicycle, wheels and/or Rental Equipment.
  5. Customer shall comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations governing the use of the bicycle(s) & other rental equipment and adhere to the Rules of the Road & all traffic postings.
  6. This is a contract of leasing or rental only. The customer has by this contract acquired no right, title or interest to the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment, and the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment shall always be the sole property of Beach Bike Rentals. The Customer shall not assign his rights or delegate his duties under contract; nor shall the Customer sublease this Bicycle.
  7. Upon breach of this contract or any of its provisions, Beach Bike Rentals may immediately take possession of the Bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment and all unpaid rents shall be due and payable.
  8. Should Beach Bike Rentals resort to any legal proceedings or the use of counsel to protect Beach Bike Rentals’ rights under this agreement, then all legal fees and costs incurred by Beach Bike Rentals shall be the responsibility of the Customer.
  9. An employee has explained the basic functions or use of the bicycle(s) and/or Rental Equipment. Or I already understand and acknowledge the proper use and functions of the bicycle(s), and/or Rental Equipment.
  10. I understand bicycling does involve risk and I freely assume and accept any risks and all injury to the user of this equipment while bicycling.  I understand protective gear such as helmets are recommended but do not eliminate risk and may not reduce the risk of injury in the case of an accident.
  11. E-Bikes users MUST be at least 16 years old & at least 5’0” tall. E-Bikes may not be transported in customer vehicles.
  12. E-Bikes cannot be left outside in elements without battery properly attached. Covered/indoor storage preferred.
  13. Bikes can only be returned during business hours. Bikes returned outside these hours could result in fees.
  15. Reservations are non-refundable.

Please allow 24 hours to process online reservation or call now to reserve.